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                                                                   SAINTS HOCKEY CLUB


                                                                 COACHING APPLICATION


The Saints Hockey Club Board of Directors is currently accepting applications from persons interested in Head Coaching for the upcoming hockey season.  If you are interested in applying, please complete the following 2 page application and return it to the Saints Hockey Club by mail to the address listed below.

Saints Hockey Club

P. O Box 15

Depew, NY  14043


The Coaching Selection Committee will review all applications received by February 10th.


NAME: _________________________________________


Current Address: __________________________________

                                 (Address, street)


                                 (City)                      (State)               (Zip)


Phone Numbers: Home: ____________________________ Work: _______________________Cell___________________


E-Mail Address: __________________________________


Date of Birth: ____________________________________


Indicate the Team/ Division you are applying for__________________________________________


Have you attended any USA Hockey Coaching Achievement Clinics? __________________________________________


If so, When and Where? _______________________________________________________________________________


What certification level(s) have you achieved: ________________________CEP #_______________________________


Past coaching experience (indicate what capacity, for example head coach, asst. coach, manager, etc.)



Have you ever received a major misconduct penalty where you as a coach were required to appear before a hockey hearing of some type? ______________ If so, give the date and explain: _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Have you been subject to any disciplinary proceedings in any other hockey association or been requested to leave an      association as a coach? ___________ If so, please explain: ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Please add any other information you would like the Board Members to consider regarding your application.




HOCKEY SEASON:________________________


Do you have child/children in the age division(s) that you were applying for as a coach?  YES_____ NO ________


If yes, please provide their birth date(s), month/day/year:            __________________




If yes, were they members of the Saints Hockey Club for the previous hockey Seasons?  Yes_____ NO _____




                 As a Head coach I will familiarize myself with and attempt to at all times adhere to the “USA Hockey Coaches Code of Conduct.”


             As a Saints Hockey Club Head Coach, I will be responsible for conducting myself as a     positive role model for those players selected or drafted to the team I am assigned to coach.  As a role model and positive influence, I will accept responsibility for not only my behavior and conduct but also the conduct of my assistant coaches, managers, players and parents.


             I further understand that all Saints Hockey Club Head Coaches are appointed by the Saints Hockey Club Board Members and that Head Coach Positions are at all times, “at will.”  I further   understand that this is a volunteer position and that I will not receive monetary compensation or any other remuneration or fringe benefit for serving in this position.


             I also acknowledge that inappropriate behavior of the coach or members of his or her staff could result in disciplinary action by the Saints Hockey Club Board Members who have the authority to remove the Head Coach, Assistant Coaches and Manger at any time if it is determine to be in the best interest of the Saints Hockey Club and its members.


             I certify that all the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my     knowledge.  I also understand that providing false or inaccurate information in this application will disqualify me from further consideration as a coaching staff candidate or will result in my immediate dismissal if named to a coaching position.


             I certify that if chosen, I will have to attend USA Hockey coaching classes to obtain the proper level card if not done so already.


             By my signature below, I authorize the Saints Hockey Club to investigate all information   regarding my background in considering of this application, I hereby waive, release and forever    discharge the Saints Hockey Club, it officers, director and member form any liability for damages that may result from compliance with this authorization.


_______________________________________ ________________________________________

Applicant Signature                                                                      Date