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r />r LeagueAthletics.com to work to its fullest, enter complete information about your members, your leagues/divisions, teams, playing facilities, and game schedules. Here's how to get started:


class="auto-style2">trong>First, log in to your site as the administrator


ick on the "LOG IN" tab and enter your credentials to log in to the website. Use your email address and site password that you created.


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class="auto-style2">r />trong>Create a Season for your Teams (Teams>Seasons)


nd the "Teams" section within the Admin Panel and click "Seasons"


season defines the dates during which your teams exist. Each season contains a new set of teams. Define a season by entering a name, start date and end date. Click here, to learn more about creating seasons.


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class="auto-style2">r />trong>Create a League/Division structure (Teams>Divisions & Teams)


nd the "Teams" box and click "Divisions & Teams"


is can be anything from a simple two-league, house/travel structure, to multiple nested leagues. These leagues will become the "parents" for all the teams you define in your website. Click here to learn more about defining leagues.


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class="auto-style2">r />trong>Create your Teams (Teams>Divisions & Teams)


om the Divisions & Teams page, click "Add a new team"


ter information about each team such as name, "parent" division, and the season. Each team you create will only be used for the current season. Next season you'll create new teams or copy these teams. Previous seasons' teams will exist as archives so your organization's history (rosters, game results, etc.) can be preserved. Click here to learn more about entering team information.


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class="auto-style2">r />trong>Create a Registration Program (Members>Registration System)


nd the "Members" box and click "Registration System." To add a registration program click "Add" (or edit the example program).


e registration system will allow you to capture data for your members through your website. Once you have collected this member data, you can begin to assign players to teams. Click here to learn more about the registration system.


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class="auto-style2">r />trong>Assign Rosters (Teams>Assign Rosters)


nd the "Teams" box and click "Assign Rosters"


ce teams are defined and member data is collected, you can create rosters by assigning members using the Assign Rosters tool. Click here for more information on assigning rosters.


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class="auto-style2">r />trong>Add playing Facilities (Facilities>Add New Facility)


nd the "Facilities" box and click "Add New Facility"


re you can enter the names and descriptions of each facility along with its location and driving directions, which will be invaluable to new members. To learn more about entering facilities, click here.


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class="auto-style2">r />trong>Add Game and Practice Schedules (Scheduling>Add Game or Practice)


nd the "Scheduling" box and click "Add Game or Practice"


ce teams are created and facilities are defined, you can start entering schedules. You can add single events using "Add Game or Practice." You can choose the date, time, teams, and location for each event. Events entered will be added to your organization's Master Schedule and also broken out into schedules for each team automatically. You can also use the "Recurring Games" option to generate events that occur on a regular basis.


first, the schedules will only be visible to those that have access to this area. This will allow you to make additions, changes, and revisions without notifying your members. Once the schedule is ready, you can set the schedules to "Live" which will cause future changes, revisions, and cancellations to generate email notifications for all afftected team members and their guardians. This will keep everyone (with email) as up to date as possible. To learn more about entering schedules, click here.


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r />r more help with your site, please be sure to refer to the Help Manual found in the Support section of your site.


're also here for you! Feel free to submit a Support Ticket (Support>New Support Ticket) within your site, and we'll be glad to help.


ease be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and through our Blog for the latest information and updates!