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September, 2019 through March, 2020

BEGINNER PROGRAM ( 2014  AND 2015 BIRTH YEARS )-2 sessions-each
FIRST SESSION $200.00       SECOND SESSION $200.00


    MITE HOUSE PROGRAM ( 2011 ,2012, 2013 & 2014 BIRTH YEARS)    $575.00
         SQUIRT HOUSE PROGRAM (2009 & 2010 BIRTH YEARS)        $600.00
 PEE WEE HOUSE PROGRAM  (2007 & 2008 BIRTH YEARS)              $675.00
BANTAM HOUSE PROGRAM (2005 & 2006 BIRTH YEARS)   $725.00
                                     MIDGET HOUSE16U PROGRAM (2001,2002,2003 & 2004 BIRTH YEARS)  $775.00

A multi-player discount of $25 will be given to parents with more than one child in the program.
  The $25 multi-player discount is excluded in the beginner program.

 Program Features:
 Qualified/Certified Coaches, Structured Practices & Games
 USA Hockey Liability Insurance, Game Jersey & Socks Included
 and end of season Awards Banquet/Yearbook
 Beginner Program – 2 Ice Sessions/Week; total 40 players maximum
 Mite Program – 3 Ice Sessions/Week; 6 teams, 96 players maximum

** Players whom do not register will not be guaranteed a spot **

 August 2018- you will need to go on USA Hockey.com and register your child for the USA Hockey Insurance.  The confirmation slip will need to be emailed to the registrar.  If this confirmation slip is not turned by the players first ice time in September your child will not be able to play hockey for the Saints Hockey House program until the confirmation slip is collected.  An unrostered player is not allowed on any Saints ice nor allowed to compete in any games until officially rostered and stamped by USA hockey