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There has been an increasing number of incidents with bullying in school and sports. Electronic communication and social networking sites are becoming the rule with our youth. The following is USA Hockey's and NYSAHA's position on Hazing from page 93 in the NYSAHA Annual Guide:
It is the policy of USA Hockey and New York State Amateur Hockey Association, Inc. that
there shall be no hazing of any participant involved in any sanctioned program, training
camp, hockey clinic, coaching clinic, referee clinic, regional and national tournament or
associated events conducted by their employees, volunteers, participants or independent

Hazing is defined as conduct that is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, offensive, or
physically harmful, and includes the activity known as “locker boxing” or “helmet and
gloves” that is popular with children and young adults and often produces head trauma
and serious injury.

Any player, team official, executive member of a team, club or association having been
party to or having had knowledge of hazing, without reporting it to the respective Section
President or taking clear affirmative action to assure that it is not repeated, shall be
subject to suspension from playing or holding office with any team, club or association
affiliated with USA Hockey and New York State Amateur Hockey Association, Inc.
NOTICE:  In the event any type of this behavior is taking place please  contact:  David Dee, .  All information will be held in strict confidence.